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Building of the new calciner (2008'-2009')

Localization on the map.
On the way to Romania: Carpathian Mountains - bird's eye view...
...and a little bit closer (in the neighbourhood of plant - Caciulata).
The first job: set-up of support's and drive - section's frames - inlet view.
Set-up of support's and drive - section's frames - outlet view.
Installation of calciner's shell.
Initial assembly of the rim...
...and final welding of rim's springs.
Initial assembly of steam chamber with the central pipe.
After assembly of mixer, it is time to set-up his drive - section.
The calciner with his thermal covering - the final stage.
It is time to get back.the Warsaw during the landing.
ZMP worked out schedule and assembly technology and supervized erection of new steam calciner #3 in S.C. Uzinele Sodice Govora - Ciech Chemical Group S.A. /Romania/.

Client zone