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History of ZMP

The company has been functioning on the technical services market since 1986.
Initially, our activity was focused on the dynamic balancing of rotary machines such as ventilators, pumps, which service we have been providing in the north Polish region, especially in heat and power generating plants.
Soon, in a natural way the service of balancing was quickly enriched by the widely understood rotary machines full vibro-diagnostic. Our contacts with the industry started to expand to other branches.
Cooperating more closely with the cement, paper and soda producers and having the reorganization of Polish political system with them, we started to come up against the new expectations and challenges. Large size rotary drum's such as kilns and mills were joined to our serviced objects.

In 1996 we started the expansion in the range of rotary drums services, at the beginning offering mechanical inspections, then including the roller regeneration in full operation conditions. We have also offered thermal straightening of shell.

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