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Publikacja firmowa: ART_014

catalogue: Other technical objects
topic: Vibrations of pipeline coming from cavitations phenomenon.
author: Phd Eng. J.Zachwieja
summary: In this work there has been made an analysis of pipeline vibrations in cavitation conditions. Geometry of industrial pipelines full of intersection changes is conductive to local occurrence of pressure falls. Control valves placed on the way of the flow cause a similar effect. If the temperature of the flowing factor is close to its boiling temperature under forcing pressure the sudden fall of pressure brings about the cavitation effect which results in intensive vibrations of the duct and damage of the inner surface of the pipe in the area where steam bubbles undergo implosion. It also happens that the pipeline free vibrations or the vibrations forced by pressure pulsation cause inappropriate functioning of the valves due to maladjustment of the control engineering system. Then, there can occur uncontrolled pressure fall behind the valve, development of cavitation, and further increase of the pipeline vibrations. In this work a model case of such a phenomenon occurrence has been presented.

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