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Publikacja firmowa: ART_017

catalogue: Rotary vessels
topic: The influence of position and thrust roller raceway's shape on forces' distribution in the contact place between roller and rotary kiln's tire.
author: Phd Eng. M.Świtalski
summary: The article describes an influence of thrust roller axis's position in reference to location of tire's rotation axis on force's sense and value, which is generated in the contact point between roller and tire, and which one acts on thrust roller along it's axis of rotation. In the publication, there is also characterized results of improper thrust roller generating line's slope in the form of total slide in the contact point between roller and tire, which may come to rapid wear of faces being in continuous contact. Moreover, at the end of this document, it is run guidelines for evaluation of thrust roller - tire coupling's correctness, which should be used in practical application.

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