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Publikacja firmowa: ART_021

catalogue: Rotary vessels
topic: Measurement of shell's elastic ovality as essential element of diagnostic of rotary drum's technical state.
author: Phd Eng. M.Świtalski
summary: The author in the article comes up with classification of typical rotary drum shell's deformations. He shows the cyclic elastic distortion of shell's section as one of the most essential and particularly important from the fatigue life and from the durability of plant's internal lining point of view. He describes the method and device to their measurement and characterizes basic diagnostic parameters, such as degree of shell section's elastic ovality and curve of ovality. On example of data received from two measurements of rotary kilns, he shows possibilities and the effectiveness of the method in the range of finding the basic damages' symptoms, concerning key elements of drum, i.e. his support system and his shell.

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