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Publikacja firmowa: ART_023

catalogue: Rotary vessels
topic: The analysis of deformation of rotary drum’s shell support section as a determinant of position of support’s centre point
author: Phd Eng. M.Świtalski
summary: Connection of shell’s sections centers in places of rings’ positions is so called axis of drum’s support system. This axis can be regulated by corrections of rollers’ position, so as its shape can be optimal from the loads of shell and from the loads of support system elements’ point of view. The assumption of precise definition of shell’s centre in place of ring location, is a basis for proper evaluation of object’s alignment, as well as the basis for evaluation of consequences of probable misalignment for stress distribution in the range of drum’s constituent elements. The content of this article states a dissertation about methods and sense of defining of shell cross-section’s geometrical centre. Author characterizes models, presently being in use, presenting their advantages and disadvantages. In paper you can find also the indication of the most optimal method, in accordance with author’s opinion.

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