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Inspections of rotary drums, expert opinions


The base term being the base to considerations of rotary drums operating correctness, is the problem of its mechanical balance. This is an extremely extensive problem including many issues connected with statics and dynamics. Generally, one says about correct mechanical balance as an optimum state of the forces and stresses distribution acting on the drum's support system and shell. The essential factor, which determines this distribution, is elements' geometry and mutual relations between their rotation axes.
The object geometry term includes such parameters as the support system configuration, the shell's state and the drive section parameters. Knowledge of these factors, together with knowledge of the object operating-technological parameters, gives the possibility of deducing about its state. Our firm disposes of wide fan of measurement and analysis methods with specialized, the highest quality equipment's application.
Regarding this, the support system geometry measurements and the measurements of the shell geometry and drum's drive section parameters can be realized in both conditions: of its full operating and in the period of its shutdown. In the first case, so called hot method, the real parameters are taken to the system analysis. In the case of so called cold method, by the analytical activities, there is a possibility of simulating the operating conditions, taking into considerations among others potential temperature distribution and potential value of the technological process' settings, taking place inside the object.
The relation of the support system measurements with the measurements of the shell's state, lets infer about the mutual influence of these parameters and take into consideration this fact during determining the correcting settings of the rollers positions. The combination of the geometrical measurements with the professional inspection including the temperature distribution defining, the direct measurements of the axial reaction forces of the rollers and the elements deformations analysis, for given kinematic, operating parameters and surrounding conditions, gives the possibility of complex attitude to the problem of defining the object's mechanical balance.


The alignment analysis has the application in defining the rotary drums state with the considerable overall dimensions such as: kilns, incinerating plants, dryers, coolers, calciners, crystallizers, mixers etc. It can be also successfully applied with the objects without typical rolling support system meaning e.g. any kind of mills with slide bearings and other plants with the similar construction.

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