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Oil cooler

In most cases rotary kiln's supporting rollers have a bearing sleeve.
With a high pressure forces - putting load to the sleeve bearings with this kind of bearings we have to assure a superior lubricating conditions.
Very important is the right selection of the lubricant and also important is to maintain working conditions. Unfortunately each increase of the oil temperature results in worsen lubrication parameters. This disadvantageous state together with high load can feed to the sudden degradation of the trunnion and bearing surface.
Increased emission of the heat in the contact point between the trunnion and the bearing may be caused by many factors. Among other most typical reasons we should list:
  • incorrect position of the support roller - support system misalignment,
  • cranked geometrical shell axis,
  • overload of the rotary kiln with the charge material,
  • impurities in the lubricant.
Additional disadvantageous factor increasing heat emission in contact point of the bearing with the shaft's journal, may be the change in the relative position in the range of axial and radial clearance.
The change like this usually takes place during the roller skew adjustment. To eliminate such a disadvantageous factor is impossible for the execution of necessary adjustments.

There is a lot of factor influencing overheating of the roller's bearings. It is difficult to predict everything and even more difficult to eliminate all of them. It is good to have something close at hand to be able to mitigate effects of occur of them.

For this right purpose there are available all kind of cooling systems - carrying away excess of emitted heat. Standard systems installed on the rollers are very often low efficient and because of this they are not able to carry away higher quantity of heat, specially in case of sudden temperature increase.

In such cases very useful is our portable oil cooling system build on the base of high efficiency, water cooled heat exchanger, additionally equipped with the solid particles filter which is cleaning the oil from the contamination (see photo).

This portable oil cooling system is at your disposal to buy or to rent as well.

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  • easy and quick to install,
  • high system mobility,
  • purpose of functioning basing on traditional technical achievements,
  • simple construction as a guarantee of reliable work.


cooling media: circulating water;
oil flow efficiency: 11,4 dm3/min;
heat exchange power: 18 kW;
solid particles filter: 10 µm;
total weight: 50 kg;
main dimensions: 670 x 520 x 560 mm;
electrical connection: 230 V.

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