Measurements and diagnostics of rotary machines, numerical engineering calculations, including strength calculations, supported by laser scanning services, enable us to take on other difficult challenges. These include design activities that require not only the ability to create correct technical drawings, but also extensive knowledge about the functioning of machines and devices, their operational shortcomings and the relationship between forces, strains and stresses. Even the best inventor, not knowing the realities of the machine's work, will not create a perfect prototype of it. Even the best ideological prototype, unsupported by analytical strength verification, will not meet the requirements of the loads it will be subjected to in reality, and even the best specialist in calculating machine parts will not perform these analyses correctly if he is not able to identify the forces and external conditions to which a given object will be exposed in the real world.
Only the combination of practical knowledge about the operation of the device (which guarantees extensive diagnostic experience) with analytical tools in the field of strength calculations (which ensures the ability to operate with FEM methods), with the often required dimensional identification skills (which is ensured by laser scanning), provide the necessary configuration of comprehensive knowledge, guaranteeing the formation of projects with the appropriate substantive level, including the level adequate to the economic needs of the recipient.
The ZMP company has been conducting basic design activities almost from the very beginning of its existence. With the passage of time, which was accompanied by a natural process of acquiring more and more complex knowledge about the devices being diagnosed, including translating this knowledge into practical solutions, we began to take on bigger challenges, so that today we can implement more comprehensive projects for You, including concept development, their strength verification in connection with the selection of materials, preparation of executive documentation including quality control requirements (dimensional and material), as well as preparation of simplified or detailed technology for replacement and / or assembly.

Specialization in the field of design

Our activity is mainly focused on designing parts for objects such as rotary drum. Those are:
  • elements of the support system (live rings, shafts and raceways of support rollers, sets of support and thrust rollers with bearings and bodies, foundation frames with elements for adjusting the position of the rollers, systems for lubricating the raceways with graphite),
  • elements of the system of fastening the running rings to the shell,
  • elements of drive systems (gear rims, pinions, foundation frames, selection of reducers, motors and couplings),
  • elements of the system of fastening drive rims to the shell,
  • shell elements (individual segments and their assemblies, inspection hatches, stiffening collars, etc.),
  • trunnions, bottoms and hatches (applies to mills).

We provide design services both for new facilities (designs from scratch) and for existing facilities (to improve / modernize them).

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