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In the area of paper machines as a standard we offer:
  • coordinate measurements, including determination of the perpendicularity, parallelism or the interaction of elements (applies mainly to cylinders and shafts);
  • evaluation of corrections (adjustment values) of positions of the machines individual components;
  • alignment - mutual positioning of the constituent elements of driving section.
On this basis, you get:
  • extended life of bearings and reduction in wear of cylindrical surface of shafts / cylinders,
  • increased life of drive components, including gears and clutches,
  • increased life / reduction in wear of peripheral elements,
  • increased life of felt, dryer felt - in particular in the connections areas,
  • easier paper guide (minimizing the effect of glide and / or picking, minimizing the risk of uneven drainage),
  • reduction of the level of acoustic emission and lowering of the demand for electricity.

We also provide comprehensive services for the modernization and as well for construction of new facilities - at every stage of the project, ranging from the setting of main axis, through the positioning of the boards / frames of foundation, positioning of shafts, cylinders and other key machine elements, ending with the laser drives alignment.
We also support activities connected with relocation of the individual components of machines or the entire production lines. In this regard, we make the necessary inventory measurements, then under the supervision of our engineers execute the assembly, at the place of final location.
As a complementary service to supplement paper machines, we also offer:
  • comprehensive vibro-diagnostic of individual components and their drives, including the determination of natural frequencies - both by simulation and experimental method;
  • flaw detection (we have authorization of Polish Technical Inspection Office - UDT);
  • detailed material analysis;
  • all kind of numerical strength analysis and simulation of dynamic load;
  • measurement and analysis leading to identify values and the reasons for the problems with the foundations settlement;
  • vibratory stress relief of the machine parts during their prefabrication.
In case of problems - non standard tasks, and / or extending beyond the area of our competence, we work closely with the leading producers and suppliers of the machines and their components.

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