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Technical Analysis


In the scope of our services there is also examination of the material structure. Metallography deals with macro and microscopic examination of the metals and alloys structure. This study is based on observations at the appropriate magnification of the prepared surface of the examined sample. This method, due to the necessity of preparation of microsection is a destructive test method. Observing microsections one can identify the alloy composition and determine the type of applied heat treatment as well as mechanical properties. Among the available metallographic techniques we employ spectral analysis with the use of steelscope. Steelscope analysis method is mainly based on visual observation of the spectrum bands, and it serves primarily evaluation of material's chemical composition. Each chemical element of the material gives unique indication of strictly defined wavelengths. Identification of spectral lines of the substance is the main objective of qualitative spectral analysis, while the intensity of spectral lines in the spectrum determines the concentration of a given element in a quantitative manner.
In addition, in order to verify the correctness of above described studies (metallographic and with the use of steelscope) we perform also material static hardness measurement. We dispose of Brinell and Rockwell method.
Our research allows selecting a replacement materials, which have similar or even better mechanical properties than the material tested. We provide a consultancy service for the selection of these alternative materials.

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