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Mission of the company

Our goal is to provide highly-specialized services in diagnosing, analyzing and evaluating equipment state, as well as establishing corrective actions for industrial plants, in particular in the field of rotor machines and large-size rotary drums.

We intend to reach the goal by:
  • taking action in order to effectively improve our qualifications, as well as by hiring personnel with very specific skills and abilities, who can keep very good interpersonal relations - both internal and external,
  • systematic observation of market behavior and direction of competitive companies development as well as keeping pace with technical progress in order to not to overlook innovative trends in diagnosis methods and measurement procedures, in order to facilitate investment decisions which can guarantee our technological and hardware advantage,
  • continuous extensive development of our measurement, processing and diagnosis data analysis methods, in order to improve effectiveness and efficiency of our services,
  • proper maintenance of our facilities, regular inspection and implementation of corrective and preventive actions, in order to eliminate defects economically and quickly as well as prevent defect risk in the future,
  • continuous expansion of the range of our services in order to ensure their comprehensiveness and complementarity, which ensures that the machines supervised by our company are technically reliable for Customers,
  • evaluating and keeping Customer satisfaction at the highest possible level; regular queries of Customer requirements to effectively satisfy the requirements,
  • maintaining partnership with existing Customers,
  • regular activities comprising marketing and promotion of our company and expansion into new markets.
The best way to promote our company is the level of our service and product quality.

We are aware that our products and services must be of the highest quality and must be always delivered on time.

The above is our Quality Policy, adopted by the Management and accepted by the company personnel.

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