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Thermal method, straightening of rotary drum's shell

The geometrical axis bent of the rotary drum's shell is one of the most serious operating problems for this kind of objects.
The bent phenomenon is extremely dangerous. At first sight - invisible, leads to the support system overloads, causing e.g. excessive, cyclic loading on the contact of rings with rollers. These excessive loads are the direct reason for rings and rollers' raceways' cracks, and emergency damage of their shafts. Only in extreme cases, the shell's bent is visible in the form of the ring 'lifting' effect.
The rotary drum's shell's bent can have thermal (temporal) or mechanical (stable) character, depending on the cause of its formation.
The only antidote on the permanent bent of the rotary drum's shell geometrical axis, as so far, has been its expensive mechanical repair.

Laborious cutting stages, regulation and again joint assembly from the classical method can be eliminated by application of the alternative thermal straightening solution.

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