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a new solution in the field of predictive maintenance and machine diagnostics

drSartVibro is an efficient tool for detecting damage symptoms in the initial stage of their development with included system of notifying maintenance and reliability team about their occurrence.



machine condition monitoring using wireless, intelligent vibration and temperature transducers, based on a cloud system and possibility of fully remote control of the transducer condition and measurement settings



notification method in the form of brief SMS messages sent to strictly defined recipients, enabling immediate corrective or diagnostics actions



method of diagnostic analysis performed when it is needed and adopted to the requirements and capabilities of the user – also remotely, without the need for additional in situ measurements

The solution is on the one hand characterized by ease of use and simplicity of the transmitted information, but on the other allows the implementation of a detailed diagnostic analysis by experienced specialists (without the need to travel and use of other vibration analyzers). This provides a significant support in decision-making by service and maintenance personnel, regardless of technical qualifications.

relieves maintenance workers from routine control tasks, increasing their commitment to ensuring the continuity of the production process.

If the maintenance service has a simple and effective tool to obtain reliable information about the condition of the machine, it can focus attention and resources on the real problem, which reduces the time and costs of unjustified preventive actions.

increases the reliability of machines, minimizing the risk of overlooking the symptoms of failure initiation.

Early detection of anomalies in the operation of the machine and immediate reaction are the key to significant reduction of the consequences of failure.

drSartVibro system was designed to eliminate a number of disadvantages of commonly used diagnostic tools. The change in the way of thinking about machine diagnostics and the competitive price of vibration transducers (offered in the form of a lease) made it possible to radically reduce the costs of implementing and maintaining the system, compared to functionally similar on-line measuring systems. The system is also characterized by an incomparably higher frequency of monitoring and greater efficiency in detecting potential damage in relation to measurements carried out with portable vibration diagnostic equipment (off-line).

Benefits of use of drSartVibro

reducing the risk of major failures, and thus reducing the costs of their removal and production losses – failure of a production device often generates costs higher than the expenditure incurred for the implementation and maintenance of the supervision system, allowing to avoid unplanned downtime

up-to-date knowledge about the occurrence of emergency situations and more time to react – early detection of damage symptoms gives a better chance to implement proactive measures (e.g. lubrication, alignment or balancing of rotating elements) and eliminate potential downtime or reduce its costs. If a repair is necessary, there is more time to plan it, which allows to reduce the costs of repair activities and shorten its time

freeing operating and maintenance personnel from the need of systematic supervision – cyclical measurement of vibration parameters and temperature of machine elements operating in the background allows to significantly reduce the frequency of inspections of the facility by operator and maintenance services. The effective notification method minimizes the risk of overlooking the alarm sent by the system, without the need to track the measurement results via the application drSartVibro

immediate ability to assess the results of repairs and their influence for dynamic condition of the machine – makes it easier to verify the effectiveness of repair services possibility of using remote, and thus cheaper diagnostic services – after purchasing an additional package of services, the system enables detailed, remote diagnostic measurements to be performed and analysed by system administrators in order to determine the cause of the damage and to propose remedial actions. The service can be performed under the desired conditions and in suitable time, without generating high costs for additional measurements in situ

separation of competences and responsibilities of operating personnel – the system allows you to assign groups of machines to users and create notification schemes, and also allows you to fully recreate the modification of these settings. Thanks to such organization, it is possible to transparently delegate the responsibility for keeping a particular machine in an operational condition

measurements in hard-to-reach places – in many cases, the use of off-line diagnostics is impossible due to the lack of access or a threat to the safety of personnel. Moreover, the presence of a human being in the vicinity of the machine often requires additional permits and is a nuisance resulting from difficult working conditions

the ability to analyse the impact of variable production conditions on the machine state allows you to select the optimal parameters of its operation

Application drSartVibro

Any kind of device with a web browser (phone, tablet, PC) enables to use all the system functions.



preview of the current status of devices based on the latest measurement results


viewing historical data and trend analysis


notifications about the number and place of exceedances according to established criteria


User-defined individual SMS/E-MAIL notifications


concise reports summarizing the number of alerts in a given production area


possibility of generating an order for detailed measurements and remote data analysis

Description of drSartVibro system

drSartVibro system, by monitoring changes in vibration parameters and temperature, detects symptoms of damage at an early stage of their development and notifies about their occurrence. It is designed for all machines and industrial devices, in particular for medium (600 to 3000 RPM) and low-speed (25 to 600 RPM) rotating machines.

The basic components of the system are modern, battery-powered, integrated vibration and temperature transducers. Wireless communication technology and no need for external power supply mean that expensive and cumbersome (in industrial conditions) wired connections are not required. Configuration of the measurement parameters is carried out completely remotely by the application managing the transmitters and is adapted to the nature of the operation and type of the diagnosed machine. The algorithm implemented in the transmitter software detects damage symptoms based on the analysis of the measured vibration parameters and temperature values within the nearest bearing node. Most of the data processing and analysis is performed at the transducer level. The measurement results are sent to drSartVibro system server via the industrial Wi-Fi network. Measurement and data analysis are carried out cyclically, at configurable intervals, depending on the type and process importance of the monitored object requirements. The transducer also has the option of communication in the "on event" mode, limiting the network load and extending the battery life.

When the state of the monitored object changes and/or anomalies are detected in its operation, the system generates an alert to notify the Users responsible for the state of the monitored machine. The alert is communicated in the form of:
  • immediate SMS notification - containing information of the state of the monitored machine and changes in the values of measured parameters. The rules for sending alerts can be individually defined by each User of the system;
  • notifications in the application - recorded always and regardless of individually set rules for sending SMS notifications. Alerts in the application are presented in relation to individual measurement points, machines and their groups (production areas), thanks to which the user can see the status of all supervised facilities and easily find machines or areas that require the greatest attention.

The system also generates summary reports in the form of SMS to get a short summary of the intensity of alerts in a specific production area. The possibility of defining both the frequency and the time of emission of the report is supporting the process of providing information about the condition of machines to the maintenance services taking over the duty.

The provided SMS notifications and reports are very concise and logical, aimed at effective notification of personnel at the earliest possible stage of potential damage development. They are the basis for taking remedial actions or additional diagnostic analyses.
If it is necessary to conduct a detailed analysis of the machine condition, the User can choose the technically and economically optimal method of its implementation:
  • perform it on their own in the off-line mode (using a portable vibration analyser or other diagnostic tools). This solution should be considered as appropriate if the User has personnel qualified in the field of machine operation or uses the services of a trusted diagnostic company;
  • may commission it to the ZMP company - in a remote mode, based on the results of an additional measurement cycle with transducers of drSartVibro system.

Remote diagnostics is an additional service, possible thanks to the implementation of measurement algorithms in the transducer software, allowing the collection of more detailed data, including time courses and amplitude-frequency spectra, and sending them to the server.
The activation of the collection and processing of additional diagnostic data takes place completely remotely, using a special tool in the drSartVibro application and can only be performed by the ZMP personnel on behalf of the Client.

drSartVibro as a service

Due to the specificity of the system components: the type of software (Software as a Service), transducer architecture and proprietary solutions in the field of data processing and interpretation (constituting the know-how of ZMP), the system drSartVibro is offered in the form of a service.

The system is sold on the basis of a periodic (monthly) subscription fee or (multi-year) license, depending on the agreed form of payment.

As part of the service, the buyer receives:
  • measuring transducers - in the form of a lease;
  • accessories for handling transducers (mounting, replacing and charging batteries);
  • guarantee of efficient operation of the transducers throughout the whole service period (free replacement - excluding mechanical damage);
  • transfer of measurement data (3G/4G);
  • access to the web application drSartVibro and the associated notification system (24/7);
  • software updates with new functions;
  • remote technical support in the field of transducers and applications;
  • reconfiguration of user accounts and machine groups;
  • the ability to export measurement data from the system;
  • a guarantee that the ZMP company will perform detailed diagnostics on preferential price terms in the 24/7 mode.

drSartVibro service means:

  • no investment expenses for the purchase of the system, apart from low costs related to its initiation (no need to purchase converters and software)
  • technical support and free replacement of transducers in case of their failure
  • cost-free software update - gaining access to new system functions at no additional charge
  • free data transfer and maintenance of databases and servers
  • the possibility of using additional, remote diagnostic services, offered at preferential prices


The implementation of the system is a simple process, focused on the possibility of performing most of the activities by the User on his own, with the limited support of the system supplier.

6 steps
to implement

  1. Agreeing on the list of supervised machines and determining the location of measurement points.
  2. Installation of network infrastructure (if the User do not have required network in place).
  3. Mounting brackets for installing transducers at measurement points.
  4. Database and system configuration.
  5. Installation and commissioning of transducers.
  6. System validation.

As part of the implementation, the User independently carries out:
  • preparation of a Wi-Fi network;
  • determination of measuring points and installation of mounting brackets;
  • assembly, assignment and commissioning of transducers.
For each of the aforementioned activities, detailed instructions and remote support of the ZMP personnel are provided. It is also possible to entrust all of the above tasks entirely to the ZMP, which is an additional service and is subject to a separate quotation.

System installation costs, calculated on the basis of the drSartVibro, price list, are limited to:
  • initial payment (system configuration and creation of a database of objects subject to supervision);
  • the configuration fee proportional to the number of measuring points (setting the measuring parameters of the transmitters);
  • a fee proportional to the number of measuring points for the purchase of mounting brackets by the User (permanent elements installed on supervised objects).

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