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In the field of gantry cranes and their subgrades we offer:
  • detailed measurements of the subgrades' rails and beams geometry;
  • structure / columns deflection measurements;
  • measurements of gantry's drive trains;
  • gantry truck chassis' geometry measurement.
All that enriched with the analysis related to the requirements specified in the applicable standards and / or manufacturer's recommendations, allow to diagnose possible causes of anomalies in gantry crane functioning or increased wear of the rails of their subgrades.
As a further step - to supplement the above range of services we offer:
  • comprehensive supervision on the implementation of adjustment guidelines and / or repairs - we have determined;
  • alignment - drive section's elements positioning.

It is also possible to use our potential in the following areas:
  • flaw detection (we have authorization of Polish Technical Inspection Office - UDT) and material analysis - particularly in relation to the wheels and rails;
  • numerical strength analysis, including analysis of deflections of beams and overhead raceways.

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